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Why Gavin?  Why Now?

No matter how hard I try, I'm not going to be able to knock on every door in the district between now and November 6th.  So, here are the questions I get the most often when I am out meeting voters.   

1.           Are you a democrat or a republican?

Well, first, let me say that I feel very strongly that races for judge should not be by party.  As a trial lawyer, I really don’t care about the party affiliation of the judge, and neither should a voter.  When I’m in court, I just want a judge who: (1) is fair and consistent and (2) really understands the law.  Party affiliation doesn’t tell us anything about either of those. 

That being said, I am a democrat because, at least right now in North Carolina, it is the party that seems more committed to the things that are most important to me—separation of powers, the rule of law for everyone, the democratic principle that every citizen’s vote should count equally, and equality under the law for everyone.

2.           What makes you the best qualified candidate?

This is the easiest question I get.  Superior court is much more than just a criminal court.  It also handles all major “civil” matters (i.e., cases dealing with money, property, and people’s rights), constitutional challenges, and appeals from administrative agencies.  My extensive and widely-varied background makes me the candidate that is most qualified to handle all those types of cases. 

  • I am the only candidate who has prosecuted and defended criminal cases.
  • I am also the only candidate who has represented clients in civil cases, constitutional challenges, and administrative appeals.
  • I’ve represented clients in courts across the state, which is important because superior court judges only spend about half of each year in their “home county.”
  • I am a North Carolina Board Certified Appellate Law Specialist.  That legal specialty requires exceptional focus on the established law and on the latest developments in civil and criminal law and procedure.  It is a great background for any judge, and I am one of only about 40 Appellate Specialists out of the more than 18,000 licensed attorneys in the state.

3.           Why are you running?

Because I believe in an independent judiciary free from the influence of partisan politics.  We cannot allow the courts to come under the thumb of a partisan legislature (regardless of party).  In Al Anbar Province Iraq in 2005, I saw firsthand what happens to society when the courts cannot be trusted as neutral and fair arbiters of disputes.  Once lost, justice is not easily—or ever—regained.

Because I believe in the American ideals of liberty, democracy, and equality under the law.  The truth is, it is not our military that protects our freedom—it’s the courts.  It’s the rule of law.  It’s our shared respect for the law.  But the reality is that, far too often, our courts fail to deliver on the ideals in our Declaration of Independence and Constitution. 

Because I believe in equal protection and equal justice for everyone.  Statistics don’t tell the whole story, but the story they do tell is not pretty.  Bail that has no relationship to the accused’s likely flight risk—and missed work and lost jobs when an accused can’t make bail for a minor offense—create a financial snowball effect in poor families and communities.  There are substantial disparities in searches, charging, juvenile confinement, and sentencing.  In North Carolina, “justice” continues to be hardest on those who have the least. 

Mostly, I am running because I truly believe I can make a difference for the better.  You can either complain about things or you can do something about them.  I know that my experiences, knowledge, and love of the law could best be used as a Superior Court Judge.  That is why I am running.  And that is why I hope you will do what you can do and vote for me on November 6th.  (Or earlier!  Early voting runs from October 17th through November 3rd.)

(Of course, you can't actually vote for me unless you are registered to vote and live in Superior Court District 18D.  Check here to see if you are: NC Board of Elections - Voter Search )

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